Sustainability Management

We operate a Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) which is responsible for overseeing the delivery of work under our long-term opportunities and risk management.

The SSC reports directly to the Executive Committee and is chaired by our CEO. The Committee meets regularly to: discuss decisions that need to be taken collectively, inform the Executive Committee of any issues related to the implementation of the sustainability strategy and to provide the overall vision for the Company’s SHE Strategy, including setting and periodically reviewing SHE Policy and long-term objectives.

The senior-level employees who champion each of our long-term sustainability priorities are required to report three times a year to the Sustainability Steering Committee on progress made with respect to their area of priority.

Our Sustainability Office supports the SSC around the definition and implementation of the sustainability strategy and SHE Management. The Sustainability Office also supports the champions and provides relevant advice and guidance as and when required around the implementation of each long-term opportunity area.


To support the successful execution of our business strategy, we operate a Risk Management Working Group to serve as facilitator and promoter of risk management best practices company-wide. The Working Group gathers information and reports on the risks that the Company is facing or may face in the future and reports, via the CFO, to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Company.

We set annual targets related to risk management as part of our broader target setting process (see below).


We set ourselves annual sustainability targets and actions which include risk management.

Since 2006, our progress against our targets has been independently verified by external auditors. If you wish to view the complete list of Sierra’s long-term objectives, targets and actions for a specific year, please consult the Reports section.

Note: At the “Sustainability” all information is comprehensive and refer to the Sierra and its shopping centers in the various countries in which it operates, including Brazil.