Safety and Health


Incidents occurring on our sites can cause harm to people and expose our Company to risks such as reputational damage, fines and delays on construction projects. Unfortunately, it may only take a matter of seconds to ruin the reputation that we have built over years and years. On the other hand, a progressive approach to safety and health (S&H) can help to protect people, reduce insurance costs, reduce staff absence and enhance a company’s reputation.

Ensuring the health and safety of our stakeholders including employees, suppliers, tenants and shopping centre visitors is an ongoing priority. With this in mind, and aware that accidents do happen even to those prepared, we work every day to prevent them and provide adequate S&H information and training to all our stakeholders, to ensure that if an accident does happens, its consequences are minimised due to appropriate action.


Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero accidents and we implement the highest standards and practices on safety and health in all our sites and business areas.

To achieve this goal, our initial strategy was to leverage world-class management systems developed by DuPont through the Personæ Project. The approach, developed by DuPont Safety Resources (which builds on their 200-years of owner-operator experience and record as one of the safest and most socially responsible companies in the world), combined the implementation of best practice safety and health management with the development of Sonae Sierra’s internal capabilities through education and knowledge transfer.

Our current strategy seeks to embed responsible attitudes and behaviours into our company’s culture. Our Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SHEMS) aims to create a culture of safety awareness to prevent accidents from occurring, starting with a visible commitment from our leadership that filters down to each and every individual in our Company. Through the SHEMS, we strive to continually minimise the occurrence of all safety incidents and occupational diseases, as well as to promote good health and well-being among our workforce, suppliers, contractors, tenants and visitors.

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  • Enhance the well-being of our workforce and reduce the rate and severity of workplace accidents and occupational diseases, aiming towards zero.
  • Anticipate and prevent all safety risks on Sonae Sierra construction sites, minimising the number of accidents and their severity, aiming towards zero.
  • Provide a safe environment for everyone who visits or works within Sonae Sierra shopping centres, aiming towards zero accidents, and promote safe and healthy conscious behaviour among our tenants, suppliers and visitors.


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Note: At the “Sustainability” all information is comprehensive and refer to the Sierra and its shopping centers in the various countries in which it operates, including Brazil.