Our sustainability strategy

Sonae Sierra Brasil follows the Sustainability strategy of its controlling shareholder Sonae Sierra, which is based on three main areas from which we can effectively create shared value for our activity, for society and for the environment. They address the most significant sustainability risks and opportunities facing our business as a retail real estate.

The main activities and objectives for each focus area are:

  • The range of activities that align with our Safety, Health and Environmental Management System; capturing value creation for our clients by delivering sustainability services
  • Anticipating emerging retail trends and pioneering new concepts that respond to changing consumer expectations; exploring the interface between sustainability and innovation to support our clients’ and tenants’ business performance.
  • Increasing human capital while ensuring high levels of staff productivity; embedding more sustainable lifestyles aiming to improve health and wellbeing amongst our staff.

  • Safety, Health and Environment Policy and Environmental Strategies

    • Safety, Health and Environment Policy PDF
    • Climate Change Strategy
    • Water Management Strategy
    • Waste Management Strategy
    • Land Use Management Strategy
  • Social and Ethical Policies

    • Code of Conduct PDF
    • Corporate Responsibility Policy PDF
    • Responsible Procurement Policy PDF
    • Public Art Policy PDF
  • Human Resources Policies

    • Non-Discrimination and Diversity Policy
    • Part-time Working Policy
    • Working from Home Policy
    • Flexible Work Schedule Policy
    • Days off policy
    • Leave of absence policy

Stakeholder Engagement

Conducting our activities in a way that is sensitive and responsive to our stakeholders’ needs and concerns is vital for the long term success of our business.

Through an active approach to stakeholder engagement we collect valuable feedback from our investors, employees, tenants, suppliers, communities, visitors and local authorities. Their views help us to refine our sustainability strategy and activities to ensure we continue to create shared value for all our stakeholders.

Our main stakeholder groups and engagement tools are:



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