Sonae Sierra Brasil’s shopping centres recognized with LIDE Shopping Centres Award

Enterprises developed by Sonae Sierra Brasil, a specialist in shopping centres, have won the LIDE Shopping Centres Award in two categories during the second edition of the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centres

Passeio das Águas Shopping, located in Goiânia (GO) took home an award in the “Architecture and Design” category. The shopping centre opened in October 2013 and its architecture and design were planned to celebrate its local natural surroundings. Elements of nature, including Water and Butterflies have also served as inspiration. The main entrance has a bold architectural design accentuated by two 12-meter marquees. The building’s façade features panels with fonts inspired by sugarcane in honor of the great production of this commodity in the state. The Food Court has a fully glazed wall, approximately 17 meters in height that faces an external area holding restaurants and a promenade with outdoor tables and chairs. The artist Rodrigo Godá, native of Goiás, was commissioned to do handcrafted work on one of the double-high ceiling pillars and to decorate 38 light fixtures in the venue with illustrations.

Uberlândia Shopping won the “Distinction in Marketing” category with its “Pass VIP Card” project, which rewards special customers with parking cards valid for six months. In addition to receiving free parking, the card awards customers with custom access to the shopping centre. Also, they are greeted with a “welcome” and “come back soon” at the parking area’s gates. This is an ongoing initiative unrelated to promotional or seasonal periods.

“Starting the year with these two recognitions gives us renewed energy and motivation to continue doing our best, with a commitment to our company’s principles, values and mission,” says Waldir Chao, Operations Director at Sonae Sierra Brasil.

Promoted by LIDE – Group of Business Leaders, the LIDE award for Shopping Centres is currently in its second edition and is curated by Marcos Gouvêa de Souza, President of GSBW and LIDE COMÉRCIO. The award recognizes the most outstanding companies and business cases that have contributed the most to the development of the industry in the country. Together, the event curator and LIDE’s Managing Committee research and evaluate companies industry-wide and select the winners based on pre-established criteria.

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