Our Sustainability Strategy

We have identified five long-term priorities that will deliver shared value for our business, society and the environment. Addressing such issues is intended to enable us to sustain the ‘capital stocks’ of resources and relationships which our business is dependent on in the medium to long-term.

This means that, by executing our sustainability strategy alongside our business strategy, we aim to create a virtuous circle whereby we address the principal sustainability risks facing our operations in order to safeguard our continued capacity to do business.

Effective risk management underpins both our business and sustainability strategy by ensuring that risks associated with all our business activities are tightly managed and controlled.

A strong sustainability governance structure and an embedded process of stakeholder engagement are both important components of our strategy. We also partake in a range of external initiatives to push the sustainability agenda forward within our industry.

Key Achievements

Two years on from launching our long-term sustainability challenges, we have:

  • Supported vibrant and prosperous retailer communities by promoting flexible retail concepts such as ‘Flash Stores’, which enable us to foster entrepreneurship and test new brands and rolled out of ‘Coop Stores’- a format of the ‘Flash Stores’ concept - which are orientated towards supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses in line with our sustainability strategy’s long-term focus on prosperous retailers.
  • Continued to roll out rainwater harvesting and grey water reuse systems across our shopping centres in order to increase their resource resilience.

  • Launched ‘Be Well’ as part of our approach to leveraging knowledge. ‘Be Well’ is an academic partnership with no associated investment cost which enabled us to gain comprehensive insight into workplace stress risks present within our company and develop a detailed mitigation plan to improve employee health and wellbeing.

  • Continued to deliver our best in class Safety, Health and Environment Management System to drive ongoing improvements in safe people and eco-efficiency. Key projects undertaken in 2014 included ‘Bright’ and ‘Dive', theoretical modelling tools that enable us to calculate and optimise our shopping centres’ energy and water consumptions. We have also strengthened our engagement with shopping centre service suppliers on safety prevention and revised our fire prevention strategy with very positive outcomes.

Our awards

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