Sonae Sierra’s sustainability strategy and approach to sustainability management, governance and reporting has significantly evolved over the past 20 years, earning our Company a strong reputation and various awards. This page provides a summary of the most significant sustainability milestones for the Company between 1994, when the story first begins, and 2014, our latest reporting year.

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In the Case Studies section, you can learn about the various initiatives in our shopping centers around the world.

  • Rolled out Dive and Bright projects to deliver cost savings by targeting reductions in energy and water use.

  • Launched project Be Well under the leveraging knowledge theme of our sustainability strategy - an academic partnership with no associated investment cost which enabled us to gain comprehensive insight into workplace stress risks present within our company and develop a detailed mitigation plan to improve employee health and wellbeing.

  • Launched Help Spot in Portugal with a view to position our shopping centres as leading catalysts for socially responsible volunteer work.

Note: At the "Sustainability" all information is comprehensive and refer to the Sierra and its shopping centers in the various countries in which it operates, including Brazil.